Photo(s) of the Day: May 10

It was another enjoyable day at home with our family. We’re loving Aly’s new room. It’s great having a bright, fun place for her!

I’ve been loving iCloud & Photo Stream. It’s hard to believe but I’ve actually begun primarily using my iPhone to take pictures. For one, they all sync with the iPad & home computer automatically. Plus, it really seems to take great pictures. There are times I think the iPhone pictures come out better than pics from a fancy SLR. I thought the one below of Aly’s eyes was particularly impressive for a cell phone camera.

Lately, Jack’s been calling Melissa “Snow White” (we recently watched the movie). Most of the time, he calls himself “Sneezy” until it’s time to save her, at which time, he refers to himself as “Prince. He had been coming in our bedroom every morning and pretending to wake her up with a kiss. The last couple of mornings, however, have been extra special. He’s come in and wanted to kiss “both Snow Whites,” Melissa & Aly. So fun watching him be a big brother!

No long story here…Jack’s breaking it down like our little Ray Charles.

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