Baby Jack = 500,000 Views!

We’ve got a little celebrity on our hands.  I posted this on twitter a while back but Jack’s been a viral video phenomenon over the last few months.  At the time I first posted it I think it had like 160,00 views, which i thought was crazy.  Well, as of this weekend, it is up to 510,000!  Half a stinking million?  Why you say?  Obviously because…well we really have no idea why.  Sure he’s cute and all but seriously, there are plenty of cute baby videos online.  It’s not even the first of the videos of his first swim.  It’s the fourth in a series we posted. He’s not really laughing or doing anything crazy. I guess Jack is just that awesome.

A few other, far more amazing videos with fewer views:

I thought things settled down in terms of views back in March but then things picked back up again. Many days it’s getting over 10,000 views…per day! What is up with that? For a while I wondered if some random website or celebrity linked to it, or if it was being used by some secret spy network to pass messages or something (seriously), but from what I can tell most of the people clicking on it come from YouTube itself.

A few fun observations from looking at the stats & comments:

  • As expected, more women than men watch, accept in Saudi Arabi…what’s up with that?
  • There are views from all sorts of places that even Carmen San Diego wouldn’t recognize. Seychelles? Gabon, Mauritania & New Caledonia? Over 1,600 in Moldova. And don’t forget Djioubti!
  • Some highlights from the comments:
    • “Kick with your arms!”
    • “The dad looks like Tom Cruise man.”
    • “the next seal team six member in training.”
    • “I want to be a dad like that.”
    • “So cute I want to give you $345.7653587465847467485957464624162783944”
    • …how did I get here?”

Below are a few of the stats I pulled a couple of weeks ago, in case anyone’s interested.

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