Back Yard Photo Shoot

This weekend we had a fairly impromptu photo shoot in our back yard. Nothing too fancy, we just realized most of the pictures we have of Aly are in her Rock & Play sleeper and we thought it might be nice for the world to know that there’s more to her life than this:

Our good friend, Bethany offered to take a few shots for us. A few of our favorites were:

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A Rustic Morning

We had a fun Saturday morning. Aly’s doing so well that we thought we try to go out somewhere. We got all dressed up…

And went out to New Salem.

We made some Jack soup.
Checked out the mill, a favorite of his from the book Pancakes, Pancakes.
He liked checking out the outhouse…boy was I glad that it wasn’t functional as he banged on them like drums and peaked inside.
Jack especially liked to climb the wagon and then use it as his stage. He wants to be a little worship leader!

Afterward we went to Westwood Lodge, a huntinglodge style place we’ve never tried, for a lunch of “pine cones” and sandwiches.  Fun times!

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Family Values

Last fall, the family ministry team at our church began been creating a resource called Family Night Live.  It’s designed help families spend more intentional time together and spark spiritually significant conversations. Last night, our family participated in the second edition.  It was a fun way to help us identify the things our family values most.  We played some games, ate dessert and then talked for a while.  It was fun that Jack was even able to jump in and participate.  It was encouraging to hear him share ideas based on concepts and conversations we’d initiated with him in the past.  When brainstorming what our family values should be, Jack’s contributions (without prompting) were “generosity” & “having fun”.

In the end, we narrowed it down to four primary family values which are now hanging on our fridge (there’s an engaging game that corresponds with this list to help us regularly talk about how we’re living out those values).  We landed on:

  1. Generosity
  2. Following Jesus
  3. Kindness to Others
  4. Fun Together
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Our Growing Family!

It’s been a while since our family has done a lot with our blogs.  In the past, Jack had quite the popular online following.  Chris used to blog quite a bit too.  As Jack has gotten older though, things have gotten busy and we haven’t kept up quite as much.  However, our family is about to expand!  This week, we’ll be welcoming a little girl into our family.  Unless she decides to come sooner, the doctors want to bring her this Thursday, May 3rd.  One week from today, barring the unexpected, we will be home with our daughter for the first time!

We’re planning to use this site for most of our family posts going forward.  If you want to catch up on the past, or follow us in some other places, visit:

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