Aly’s Tantrum

There have been a few small hiccups during Aly’s first week, but all in all, she has been a super easy, delightful baby. As we’ve talked to the doctor, one of our biggest concerns has actually been whether or not she’s too mellow. She’s eaten well from the beginning, naps regularly and rarely, if ever, cries. I took this quick 80 second video of her in one of her biggest tantrums to date. Prepare yourself…she may give you a mean look, stare you down or squeak at you if she doesn’t get what she wants. Here’s hoping she’s not saving her big tantrums up for later!

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Twist N Swirlz

Our friends, Larry and Betsy Lewis, gave us gift for Aly yesterday. They also included a special envelope inside just for Jack, with a gift certificate to get frozen yogurt. Tonight we decided to take a road trip as a family for a special treat. Aly went to her first restaurant (if Twist N Swirl counts as that)!

Since it was Jack’s gift, he got to buy for us and he was pretty excited. He also got to walk the toppings line with mom to pick out everything he wanted. He was like a kid in a candy…yogurt store!

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Photo(s) of the Day: May 8

A few of our highlights today…

We had a fun breakfast. Jack was loving his special waffles but wanted to share with his sister. What a great big brother!

Aly made her first visit to church. Something tells me she might be seeing a lot of this place over the next few years.

We stopped off at the doctors office…

…took a walk…

…and wrapped up the night with a bath.

All in all, it was a pretty great day!
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Big Brother Starts Early

One of the things I’ve been most excited about with Aly coming is getting the chance to introduce Jack to his new sister. We’ve talked about her a lot (he called her Cindy Lou Who, the cute little girl from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas….he’s not so good with keeping the secrets so he didn’t know her name). Every night he gave her a kiss in mom’s tummy and prayed for her. But until she came, it was hard to predict what he’d really think of someone invading his turf.

So far he’s done really well. He wants to check on her regularly, gives her occasional kisses and held her hand tonight. I think he’ll enjoy her more when she can do more than sleep but he’s shaping up to be a good big brother.

Tonight Jack was saying good night to Aly and he decided to give his first lesson to her. He broke out some sweet dance tips to go with the usual goodnight kiss. ┬áHere’s hoping for many more great life lessons from big brother in the years to come!

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Our New Baby Girl

A few highlights of our recent journey to the hospital to bring home our new baby girl.

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Aly’s First Picture


We just sent Aly down the hall to the nursery for her first official pictures. Here she is just before she left. I call this pose “paparazzi angst.”

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Aly Grace Sandel

It’s official. We are proud to introduce you to our new baby girl, Aly Grace Sandel. She was born at 2:18PM. She’s 8lbs,1oz. and 21 inches.

Melissa and I have both really liked the name Aly for a long time. We’ve both known some great Aly’s and we like the short, fun sound of the name. The names mean:

Aly – Noble; Exalted

Grace – Blessing; Gift from God

We really are so blessed. Before she came we were talking about how days like today remind us just how much We have to be thankful for and make us even more grateful. I’m looking forward to raising a girl. I know there will be some crazy times with a girl but I know my little princess is going to be such a blessing!

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The Wait

We arrived this morning and all is well. The first hour or so was spent checking in, getting IVs, etc. Now things are rolling and we wait. Originally we’d planned to just wait and let her come on her own. However, last week our doctor noticed something that caused her to want to go ahead and induce her. It’s not a high risk but they wanted to give an antibiotic at least 4 hours before delivery. Since there is a chance the baby may come fairly quickly, it made most sense to schedule a time to come in so that they could make sure there is enough time for the medicine to kick in. The risk wouldn’t have been super high even without the drugs but there is no reason to take any chances. Plus, Jack came on his own, if a little late (he was 4 days overdue) so doing it this way is a whole new, slightly more planned out, adventure!

It’s been fun going through this process with some friends of ours, PJ & Kendra Diss. All along they’ve been due approximately the same time as us. They have girls at home and they’re having a baby boy this time. It turned out they’re being induced the same day as us. They arrived 30 minutes before us and are just a few doors down. The lady at the front door mentioned them (she wondered if she was having 2-3 babies, but if you know Kendra she’s shorter and has been showing for quite a while) and the nurses on our floor said the Diss’s had already told them we’d be coming soon after. One of the craziest things is that every room has monitors showing the different babies on their way so we can actually see each others info and monitor progress…or at least we could if I knew what I was looking at. Pretty exciting to share such a big day with a great family like the Diss’s though.

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6 Hours

Six hours from now, we’ll be headed to the hospital. I think it’s always a surreal feeling to be having a baby (in the figurative, husband sense) but this feels different than with Jack. Having an appointment, like you would for any other doctor appointment, but knowing that this time we’ll have a baby girl at the end of it is crazy.

We’re packed up and ready to go. If all goes according to plan, we’ll wake up tomorrow morning, get dressed as usual, hop in the car and head out…to go get our baby! I’m sure there are many, many differences but I wonder if this is a glimpse of what it feels like to adopt and go to your first meeting with your new son or daughter. Very soon, I know we’ll meet her for the first time and this has been planned for a while. So many questions fly though your mind. Will she be healthy? What will she look like? Will she be as big as Jack or will she be a little more dainty? Will she have Melissa’s brown eyes? How will Jack react being a big brother for real?

We feel so blessed to have incredible family and friends around us. We’re grateful Jack gets to grow up in a terrific place with an amazing church family supporting us as well. We can’t wait to introduce you all to little…whoops. Almost slipped. We’ll just call her Jill for now. Stay tuned for more updates live from the hospital (likely on twitter first but soon to follow here). The fun begins tomorrow at 5:30AM!

PS – We’re still working out how to show posts as either from Melissa or I. I guess for now I’ll just say this is Chris.

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Our Little Girl’s Room

We’re pretty excited about our little girl’s room. Last summer, we won a wall mural by Troy Freeman, a great artist from our church, in a silent auction. We thought her room might be the perfect place for it, so a few months back he came in and took a look. Instead of painting, he designed some awesome stuff for us and put it up with vinyl graphics. Jack’s pretty excited about it too and it’s not even his room! Knowing she’ll be a second child, it’s great feeling like she’s got something really new and special of her own to come home to.

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